Sprained foot is a problem that is common because of injury to the ligaments in the ankle. There are many different kinds of ligaments seen in the ankle and each of them has a specific function. If the ligament is injured, then there will be loss of function in the foot to a certain extent.

The mechanism of injury that occurs need to be understood in the sprained foot. The footwear can be a cause of injury, especially the high heeled ones. When the footwear is having a high heel, you will not be able to walk properly with it. Your foot is sure to turn either inwards or on the outside. When this happens, you will stretch the ligaments in the ankle. This will lead to sprained foot.

Foot Sprain TreatmentThere are different grades in which the sprained foot can be classified. The Grade 1 damage occurs when there is a mild stretching force on the foot. In this situation, the ligament may have only a mild tear if not damage. This can cause some inflammation to occur in the foot. Other than that, there is no other damage occurring. So, this is the simplest injury.

The Grade 2 injury occurs when the ligament is damaged much more than the Grade 1 injury. The ligament is partly damaged and there is tearing of a part of the tissue. This can cause the person to suffer from severe pain and inflammation. Walking is difficult and the person may only be able to limp. Immediate foot sprain treatment is needed to prevent further swelling and loss of function from occurring.

The Grade 3 injury occurs when most of the ligament is torn. This can cause severe pain and there is inability to bear weight on the foot. There is complete loss of function in the person with this severe extent of injury. The foot sprain treatment and care should be done immediately if there is to be no lasting damage to the tissue.

Foot Sprain Treatment

The foot sprain treatment starts with the application of ice over the injured site. This will help to reduce the swelling in the area. The ice can be applied over the area in many ways. The towel method can be used in which the crushed ice is placed in a towel and the towel is used to keep the affected area cool. Ice packs are also available and these can also be used to treat the ligament injury.

Other than this, the foot sprain treatment also includes the use of compression. There are various kinds of elastocrepe bandages that are available. These bandages are used to keep the foot in the correct position without any stretching movement possible. This kind of bandage application will help to prevent a lot of edema from occurring in the affected area.

Elevation is also very important component of foot sprain treatment. Elevation of the foot will cause the inflammation to reduce drastically. The elevation needs to be continuous in more severe injuries. If the injury is not very severe, then the elevation can be done at times.

The foot sprain treatment also includes the use of Protection to the ankle joint. Any weight bearing and walking can cause the foot to turn or twist again, exacerbating the injury. Walking can also cause undue stress to be placed on the damaged structures. This can cause worsening of the problem. Rest is indicated because protection of the injured part is possible only with complete bed rest. If you start walking immediately after a severe injury, then you will have to suffer from chronic pain and also instability at the ankle joint, because the ligament will become lax. When all these are done, the foot sprain treatment is complete.